Course Catalog

Program Planning

The Simmons approach to liberal education is flexible. Students develops a program suited to their individual interests and career plans. Some areas of study are sequential and are best elected early in a student’s program. Faculty and staff advisors assist students as they consider their options, set goals, and make academic and career plans. The fieldwork and internships offered by academic departments provide opportunities to test career areas and to consider the possibility of further professional study after graduation. Simmons has identified opportunities for study abroad and encourages participation in study abroad offerings.


Students may plan a program of academic and career preparation by electing a major in the humanities, the social sciences, the sciences, or one of the professional programs. Undergraduate majors include:

Africana Studies Art

Arts Administration




Business and Management




Computer Science

East Asian Studies


Economics and Mathematics


      Joint Social Studies/Education


Environmental Science

Exercise Science


Financial Mathematics


Health Informatics


Information Technology

International Relations




Neuroscience and Behavior:

     Cognitive Track

     Neurobiology Track Nursing

Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Wellness



Political Science


Public Health

Retail Management


Social Work


Web Design and Development

Women’s and Gender Studies


Academic majors are also offered as minors. In addition, a number of specialized and interdisciplinary minors are available:


Cinema and Media Studies


Gender History

Principled Leadership

Organizational Studies


Physics of Materials

Performing Arts

Public History

Public Policy Studies

Scientific Computation



Other Academic Programs

Honors Program

The Honors Program at Simmons University fosters a motivated group of students to explore the complexity of the world and their place in it. The goal of this four-year academic program is to encourage depth in a departmental discipline of choice, and to enhance this knowledge through interdisciplinary studies and global awareness.

The Honors Program provides an opportunity for students with distinguished high school academic records who are newly entering Simmons or who apply after their first year. The program includes Honors level courses in subsequent years, specially arranged co-curricular activities, and various 1-credit required courses to enhance their academic experience. Students are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.4 to remain in the program.


Unlike pre-medical programs, which are quite specific and virtually obligatory for medical school candidates, a pre-law “curriculum” is largely a myth. While no particular curriculum path is the ideal route to law school, Simmons’ strong academic programs, small classes, and extensive opportunities for student/professor interaction are an ideal preparation.

A student who is considering law school after graduation should make an appointment with the Pre Law Advisor to discuss specific interests and plans. Through the pre law program, the Pre Law Advisor helps to guide students with their applications to law school; supplies information to help with the application process and with taking the LSAT; and keeps in touch with pre law students through a weekly email blast and in-person meetings. Additionally, the Pre Law Advisor organizes extra-curricular activities of interest to prelaw students: lectures and brown bag lunch discussions, panels of Simmons alumnae who practice law, and internships related to law. For more information, please contact the Pre-Law Advisor, Kristina Pechulis at


Undergraduate preparation for medical, dental, optometric, or veterinary medicine school should include a strong foundation in the natural sciences and a background in the social sciences and humanities. Admission requirements for medical schools can be fulfilled within the context of almost any liberal arts or science major at Simmons.

First year students should meet with the pre-health Professional Advisor to discuss their interests and course of study. Our pre-health Student Academic Mentor coordinates activities and information sessions throughout the academic year and is always available to answer questions. The Faculty Pre-Health Advisor assists students with academic planning, extracurricular initiatives and the application process. Interested students may also join the Simmons Premedical Liaison and the Colleges of the Fenway Chapter of the American Medical Students Association (AMSA). Simmons is a member of Biological Honor Society (Beta Beta Beta).

3 + 1 Accelerated Master’s Degree Programs

Qualified students can earn both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in four years. For more information on the programs listed below, please visit the page noted, the appropriate graduate catalog, or the Simmons Website for more information.

BS in Computer Science and MS in Library and Information Science

BA in Economics and MA in Public Policy

BA in Political Science and MA in Public Policy

BA in Sociology and MA in Public Policy

4 + 1 Accelerated Master’s Degree Programs

Undergraduates can obtain an accelerated degree in Children’s Literature, Education, English, Gender/Cultural Studies, History, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, and others. Undergraduate courses can be counted toward the Master’s degree—the number varies by program. A student applies for admission to the graduate program in her junior year. See the catalog page noted below, the appropriate graduate course catalog, or the Simmons web site for specific program requirements.

BA or BS/MA Liberal Arts Majors/ Teaching (Kathleen Dunn Scholars)

BA/MA in Children’s Literature and BA/ MFA in Writing for Children

BS/MS Biology/Nutrition

BS/MS Exercise Science/Nutrition

BS/MS Nutrition/Nutrition and Health Promotion

BS/MS Public Health/Nutrition

BSN-MSN Nursing

BS/DPT Physical Therapy

BA/MBA Management

BA/MA in History

Study Abroad

Simmons students are encouraged to study abroad. Options include semester, full academic year, summer, and shorter-term travel courses led by Simmons faculty.

Semester, academic year, and summer study abroad is offered through partnerships with other universities and providers. Using partnerships, Simmons is able to identify high quality study abroad opportunities throughout the world for students in all majors.

Each year, Simmons offers travel courses to international (and sometimes domestic) destinations. Enrolled students participate in class sessions during the semester before departure. The travel component of two to four weeks takes place during semester breaks in January or early summer. Often travel courses are taught in English and have no prerequisites, and many fulfill a mode of inquiry requirement.

Students in good standing are eligible for study abroad. The Study Abroad office will help students identify the program that best matches their academic and career interests. Students interested in international study are urged to begin planning early in your academic career by visiting the study abroad website.

Credit for Prior Learning

The Credit for Prior Learning program offers Dix Scholars an opportunity to receive academic credit for knowledge gained through life experience. For more information, please contact the Writing Center.