Course Catalog

Nutrition and Health Promotion (MS)

The Master of Science in Nutrition and Health Promotion is designed for those who wish to be leaders in nutrition and wellness. This program is offered both on the ground and fully online. The program attracts students with backgrounds in such disciplines as nutrition, biology, health sciences, health education, athletic training, exercise physiology, or physical education, as well as those with bachelor’s degrees in other fields wishing to enter the nutrition field. This program builds upon the decades-long expertise of the Simmons undergraduate program in nutrition and the interdisciplinary resources available in the Health Sciences programs in physical therapy, and primary healthcare nursing as well as our Internationally renowned School of Business Management courses. Students are also able to take relevant elective courses in other Simmons graduate programs. There are two concentrations: Research and Entrepreneurship. For further information, please go to the Simmons University website or the graduate programs catalog.