Course Catalog

Division of Mathematics, Computing, and Statistics


Nanette Veilleux, Professor, Division Director, and Program Director for Computer Science and Informatics
Donna Beers, Professor
Michael Brown, Professor
Denise Carroll, Assistant Professor of Practice
Viktor Grigoryan, Associate Professor
Margaret Menzin, Professor and Program Director for Mathematics and Statistics
Lauren Provost, Assistant Professor
Anthony Scotina, Assistant Professor and Program Director for Data Science
Amber Stubbs, Associate Professor


The Division of Mathematics, Computing, and Statistics has a long history of preparing both traditional and nontraditional students for successful careers and for graduate school.

We provide an environment that empowers women in mathematics, computer science, statistics, and data science and helps them to realize their potential in those fields. Sensitive to varied learning styles as well as to the changing workplace, we use a range of teaching methods to address students' individual needs. These include cooperative learning groups, use of computer laboratory investigations, and independent learning, as well as traditional teacher-directed learning. An important focus in our curriculum is modeling and real-world applications.

Students will learn to think critically, logically, and abstractly and gain a strong theoretical foundation on which to build their understanding of current technologies—and to imagine new innovations. Through hands-on class projects, students experiment with the design and development of websites, databases, applications, software, and other technologies. Building bridges between communication and programming, design and technical abilities, these students go on to careers in a wide range of industries.

Note for all degrees: It is Division policy that courses required for a major or minor may not be taken pass/fail.

University Requirement of Competency in Basic Mathematics

See information about the University requirement of competency in basic mathematics. Satisfaction of the mathematics competency requirement is a prerequisite to all MATH courses except MATH 101.