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HIST 364 Rape of Nanjing

Explores the social, cultural, ideological, and psychological dimensions of the Japanese aggression that culminated in the Nanjing Massacre, the exploitation of comfort women, forced labor, and human experimentation in WWII. Examines explanations for the absence of discussion on these human rights violations in the ensuing Cold War until the late 1980s and how that absence helped shape postwar East Asia.



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Required HIST-201, HIST-202, HIST-203, HIST-204, HIST-205, HIST-206, HIST-207, HIST-210, HIST-213, HIST/WGST-215, HIST/WGST-216, HIST-218, HIST-219, HIST-222, HIST-223, HIST-224, HIST-230, HIST-231, HIST-237, HIST-240, HIST-241, HIST-248, HIST POLS-249, HIST-251, HIST-252, HIST-253, HIST-254, HIST-260, HIST-329, HIST-349, HIST-350, HIST-355, HIST-360, HIST-361, HIST-362, HIST-364, HIST-365, HIST-367, HIST-368, HIST-370, HIST-371, HIST-372, HIST-373, HIST-374, HIST-375, HIST-376, HIST-377, HIST-378, HIST-379, HIST-380, or HIST-397

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